Services & Rates


We love what we do, because we know how important it is to find someone you trust to look after your furry, feathery, or slimy friends. We want everyone to feel at ease leaving their pets, knowing they can relax on their vacation. We understand pets are more than companions, they are family members.

We have an APP for your phone!

  • You will receive a notification with GPS tracking that we have arrived
  • A message about the visit will be sent, along with a report card of the tasks we completed
  • Best part! You’ll also receive photos of your pet’s, so you can see how they are doing during your time away. 🙂

If your pet is on medication or needs shots (such as insulin shots) – Yes we administer both.

* All prices are starting prices – once we have the free meet and greet, we can finalize anything additional.


Pet Sitting (visits to your home):

Dogs, Cats, Small Animals, Reptiles, Chickens, Salt & Fresh Water Aquariums, Koi Ponds etc

no animal is to big or too small

$25* a visit (20 minutes minimum)

Dog sitting home visits

  • We go to your home feed, change water, play with and walk your dog(s)
  • If you have a backyard you prefer, we can let them out back
  • Most clients choose three visits a day:
  • Morning (8-9am), Afternoon (2-4pm), and Bedtime (8-9pm)
  • We will also check mail, bring in packages, and water plants

Cat sitting home visits:

  • We feed, change water, scoop litter each visit, and have play time
  • Most cats love treats, if you leave some out, they will love us even more.
  • If they like to be brushed, they are guaranteed a brush each time I visit. 🙂

Other Pets:

We will check on any type of pet, no animal is too big or too small

  • We cater our visits to your pets needs
  • We have watched everything from lizards, to aquariums to axolotl’s


Dog Walks (Mon-Fri ~ 11:30-2:30)

We offer lunchtime/midday walks for those who want peace of mind knowing their dog will not have to hold it too long during the day. Now you can actually say YES to happy hour with your friends instead of the usual reason you can’t go, “Sorry, I have to go home and walk my dog.” 😉

Lunchtime/midday walk (M-F) : quick potty breaks (15min):

  • $20 per visit
  • Schedule 3x or more a week – $18 per visit
  • Includes walk, water refresh, and playtime.

Dog Boarding – Cage free in sitters home

Cage free in our home ** – Your dog is part of the family while you’re away

Starting at $65 a day (depending on size/age of dog and care needed)

  • Your dog gets to enjoy staying in a home environment
  • Here they enjoy a lot of attention from their sitter and possibly a doggie friend too
  • Your dog will have free roam of the house (if they are potty trained)
  • If your dog requires a kennel, please make sure to bring one, as we do not kennel dogs unless requested by the owner
  • Your pet will get plenty of exercise playing in a yard, or on walks, or even a dog park adventure (if mom/dad says its ok)
  • They will be let out to potty at least 4 plus times a day
  • You will also receive daily photos and updates of your pup(s) so you can see how much fun they are having. 🙂

Pickup/drop off fee ($20 each way): For a stress-free vacation, I can pick up your dog(s) the day you leave & drop them off before you arrive home.

**Must have up to date vaccinations.

House Sitting (Sleep over in your home)

We offer overnight stays in your home from 8pm-8am. Please call, text or email to inquire about availability

  • $95 a night
  • If you have dogs, it includes evening walk, bedtime walk, & morning walk (meals as well)
  • If you need additional walks/visits during the day, add $25 per visit.
  • Most clients typically choose one midday visit around 3pm.

Add On’s

Transportation: (to Vet, Groomers, Daycare, etc.)

  • $20 one-way 

Dog Park Excursion/Exercise:

  • Add $25 to visit fee


We Are Open! Check for availability, we book quickly
  • Gasparilla – Limited availability
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Mother’s Day & Father’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day & day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day

Add $5 per visit, $10 per overnight, $20 per sleepover


Weekly Lunch Walks:

  • Day of cancelation or after 6pm the day before will be charged full price

Regular Visits:

  • Require 7 days notice or there’s a 50% charge of total reservation
  • If canceled day of or after 6pm the day before, the first day of services will be full price then 50% of the reservation after that


  • If service falls on a holiday we require 14 days notice, or there’s a 50% fee
  • If canceled day of or after 6pm the day before, the first day of services will be full price then 50% of the reservation after that


  • Require 14 days notice or there’s a 50% fee
  • If canceled day of or after 6pm the day before, the first day of services will be full price then 50% of the reservation after that